Neuer Artikel: Drones, the New Threat from the Sky

Von MIS Redaktion 2019-10-17

Drones, the New Threat from the Sky

by: Dominique C. Brack

This paper is about drones. Drone risks and countermeasures. Drones have become an inherent risk not just for critical infrastructure but also public events (sports, concerts) and privacy. I wrote about the exclusive risk catalogue I have developed for a small highly secialised startup called DroneGuard. The catalogue contains over 140 detailed drone related risks. From payload of drones (explosives, chemicals, etc.) to cyberrisks like Signal Hacking and Disruption (WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID, etc.). Since Deepsec is a more technically oriented event I will highlight the risk management frame work, my experience with our personal payload drone and the cyber risks. This talk will help you if you have to protect critical infrastructure from a physical perspective, or if you have to protect yourself or your company from privacy implications.